Trying to Make Sense of the World We Live In

Michael Baumgartner, a professor of Orthopedic Trauma at Yale University, has provided one of the most important discoveries to orthopedic surgery in modern history. For several decades, avoiding failure in intertrochanteric hip fractures was an elusive conundrum, and it required several decades of compounding information to finally discover the most significant variable associated with implantContinue reading “Trying to Make Sense of the World We Live In”

Medical Biochemistry 101

From my previous posts, I have highlighted the importance of nutrition on human performance.  The typical medical approach for “preventative” illnesses is to provide medications rather than identify and address root cause. There are several reasons for this approach, but the data trends are demonstrating that this method is failing our patients. In my lastContinue reading “Medical Biochemistry 101”

Let Me Be Clear

After disparaging remarks regarding my rudimentary basic science explanations of diabetes mellitus and lipid transport, I was graciously told to “stay in my lane.” I would like to make it clear that I do not treat people FOR metabolic disease, but I treat way too many patients WITH metabolic disease. My practice consists of managingContinue reading “Let Me Be Clear”

Metabolic Basis of Disease and a Nutritional Solution

We are facing a significant physician shortage by the year 2030. This shortage will be accelerated with vaccine mandates as there are fewer physicians getting vaccinated than the AMA reports. In order to maintain access for the growing number of aging Americans and increasing prevalence of chronic disease, it behooves the government to relax theirContinue reading “Metabolic Basis of Disease and a Nutritional Solution”

The COVID-19 Conundrum, Part II

The Delta variant is old news and we must brace ourselves for the more vaccine-resistant mu variant. As the COVID-19 story continues to mature, our knowledge about treatment strategies are also evolving.  If we critically examine the data from Israel, with almost 80% of their population vaccinated, we have to acknowledge that vaccine efficacy isContinue reading “The COVID-19 Conundrum, Part II”

Modern Medicine, Healthcare Fatigue and Our Desire to Avoid Failure

Modern medicine has taken a dichotomous, lewd departure from its noble origins.  Hippocrates, considered the father of western medicine, systematized medical practice and robustly trained physicians establishing it as a dignified and altruistic profession.  Science has advanced our understanding of modernity, but consequently we have relinquished the decorum of our profession through commoditization and standardization.Continue reading “Modern Medicine, Healthcare Fatigue and Our Desire to Avoid Failure”

Mask Mandates and Perverse Interpretation of Science

When we breed pseudoscience, chaos, hysteria and bureaucratic policy, the creation is an obscene and illogical product. Masking children, the least susceptible population to COVID-19 and highly unlikely to serve as a reservoir for transmission, is proving to be more damaging than protective. I dropped my son off at school last week and there wasContinue reading “Mask Mandates and Perverse Interpretation of Science”

Unity Wins – It ALWAYS Will

As we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, I reflect on the overwhelming unity that resulted from one of the greatest crises on domestic soil. “Together We Stand, Divided We Fall,” was a common mantra echoed ubiquitously.  Race, gender, sexual orientation, wealth or vaccine status was of no consequence.  On that particular day, and severalContinue reading “Unity Wins – It ALWAYS Will”

A 30,000′ View

When the magnitude of deception becomes so grandiose, the truth is much more difficult to disguise.  The pandemonium of another COVID surge is among us and we’re struggling with the new “Delta” variant. Unvaccinated individuals are the vector for viral genomic instability. Natural immunity is no match for this virus; the only hope is universalContinue reading “A 30,000′ View”

We Need to Start Thinking Like Engineers

Conversations surrounding surgical plans and procedures to patients or patients’ families is always more painstaking in the presence of an engineer.  They are often not satisfied with the mundane, rehearsed speech that you have delivered countless times, to other patients, that accept your words as gospel.  Most patients do not take particular interest in theContinue reading “We Need to Start Thinking Like Engineers”