Spiritual Exsanguination, Moral Relativity and the Argument for Cognitive Reprogramming

I recently finished a book called, “Darwin’s Black Box,” written by Dr. Michael Behe, Ph.D., fundamentally dismantling evolutionary theory and making strong, compelling arguments for intelligent design.  Behe is a professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.  As most of us have learned in school, Darwinian evolution is dogmatically set in stone and arguingContinue reading “Spiritual Exsanguination, Moral Relativity and the Argument for Cognitive Reprogramming”

Communicating Fear

Generating fear among a population is the best technique to gain control over them.  Fear is particularly easy to achieve when using a complex discipline, that few people understand, and communicating it in a way that distorts reality.  Good health, for the overwhelming majority of Americans, is ever elusive and loss of good health orContinue reading “Communicating Fear”

Trust the Science or Trust the Scientific Method?

“Trust the science” is a phrase that we have heard ad nauseam over the last year.  What this actually means is: “we don’t understand how these vaccines work, but we should take them anyway because they are going to save humanity.” We are told to “do our part” or “stop the spread,” often by peopleContinue reading “Trust the Science or Trust the Scientific Method?”

System of Profits Over Results

When I was growing up, I was fascinated by the human body and the way it worked.  I was immediately drawn to the biological sciences, physiology and anatomy.  On the surface, I found the medical profession, as a whole, driven by knowledge, curiosity and strived for continued advancement to improve the human condition.  Much toContinue reading “System of Profits Over Results”

When to Fight or When to Fold?

We all have varying tolerances of how we will allow others to treat us as individuals.  When there are seemingly high stakes (financial loss, loss of a friendship, family disruption, etc.), that tolerance seems to increase, as setting firm personal boundaries can be risky and result in perceptible, short-term negative consequences. The book “Seven HabitsContinue reading “When to Fight or When to Fold?”

Corporatized Medicine and the Gradual Destruction of Physician Independence

It goes without saying that modern healthcare is a financial anomaly, that mostly benefits one side. No other line of business operates in such a convoluted payment scheme. The system works for large hospital systems and insurance companies, but fails the people that it advertises to serve. We have observed the obesity epidemic to flourishContinue reading “Corporatized Medicine and the Gradual Destruction of Physician Independence”

The COVID-19 Conundrum

Although this should be a science-driven topic, led by physicians and researchers, this pandemic has been horribly politically contaminated. To my dismay, our approach (conventional medicine) to this infectious disease has been eerily different than any other condition we diagnose and treat. I feel that there are a few reasons for this, but I amContinue reading “The COVID-19 Conundrum”