Spiritual Exsanguination, Moral Relativity and the Argument for Cognitive Reprogramming

I recently finished a book called, “Darwin’s Black Box,” written by Dr. Michael Behe, Ph.D., fundamentally dismantling evolutionary theory and making strong, compelling arguments for intelligent design.  Behe is a professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.  As most of us have learned in school, Darwinian evolution is dogmatically set in stone and arguing against this theory is blasphemous.  In his book, Behe examines the necessity of preservation of biochemical processes, components involved that drive biochemical reactions and the intermediates necessary to create and sustain life.  His argument is that these processes are irreducibly complex and demonstrate minimal function.  For those readers that are unfamiliar with the field of biochemistry, it is the study of metabolism and the chemical processes within and relating to living organisms.  These pathways are unbelievably complex, highly regulated, highly reliable and possess intolerance to any type of modification.  Irreducible complexity is the phenomenon that each of these pathways, or metabolites within the pathway, are unable to be manipulated, modified or removed without complete disruption or dysfunction of the pathway.  Minimal function is the concept that each enzyme or metabolite has a primary function within a specific pathway and is not used for other purposes in other pathways or processes (there are very few exceptions to this rule).  Because of these two phenomena, irreducible complexity and minimal function, he argues that any minor manipulation of these biochemical processes, especially the vital pathways for survival, would be incompatible with sustaining life.  Therefore, genetic drift as the means driving an origin of a new species would be virtually impossible.

Evolution has widely been accepted in the scientific community, through genetic drift, within a species or ecosystem, to gradually create new species.  Our rational, cortical brains have been educationally programmed to comprehend superficial phenomena through observation of the physical world.  Fossil records have corroborated this belief through gradual drifts of anatomic variation and structural analysis only.  The process in which evolution occurs is so slow, humans are unable to physically witness the change; it is only reviewed retrospectively to accommodate our dogmatic belief, trying to explain the world to fit our existing paradigm.  Examples often given are changes in canyon or desert morphology throughout decades caused by wind drift. We are unable to evaluate changes in organic processes, changes in organs or soft tissues (as these biodegrade) or metabolic processes because there is no way to naturally preserve these components.  It is not my intent to convince you that evolution does not occur, but rather encourage skepticism as to the likelihood that creation of all or any species is a consequential happenstance.  

According to the Pew Research Center, Christianity has been on a gradual decline in the past decade, down over 13% and, consequently, there has been 10% increase in religiously unaffiliated individuals:

The divide between science and religion has been a dichotomous, age-old debate and often thought of, by some, as cognitive dissonance. These two disciplines are not mutually exclusive as one is a study of the physical world and the other is the soul’s connection to Divine Providence.  Because the physical world is most immediate and authentic to us, it is easy to understand, explain and comprehend.  Abstract ideas are much more difficult to assimilate cognitively and lack physical evidence for explanation.  As a result, the physical world has become our reference of perception.  We have created a world filled with lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.  The Bible warns us about the dangers of the Seven Deadly Sins, but most of our society has adopted and embraced them without much remorse.  This has been a slow, perpetual moral desensitization of the public, seducing engagement of sinful, secular pleasure. This moral deterioration occurs gradually as we succumb to incremental carnality. 

This process has been accelerated by social media and popular culture.  “Keeping up with the Kardashians” has become a ubiquitous, contemporary phrase as to a living standard that is unachievable by most; their standard of living is accumulation and maintenance of luxurious, prestigious material possessions with a perceived absence of a strong moral compass.  Not to suggest that they are bad people, but the focus of the show does not emphasize their ambition for achieving epitomic moral character. Unfortunately, this show is not an outlier in cable television; rather, it has provided the foundation for numerous other programs resulting in the amalgam of “trash TV.”  Cable companies have become wise and bundle internet and cable television services or increase internet speed if you add the television option. It is nearly impossible for any working person to be productive without internet connectivity and internet providers have found unique, creative ways to entice customers to purchase television programming.  Interestingly, there is a patent on nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors:


Adults with young children easily understand this phenomenon when they observe their child mesmerized by the screen and oblivious to their surroundings.  It is astounding to watch and a bit frightening, especially with knowledge of this patent.

There has been a progressive infiltration of obscene content in television and social media promoting behavior consistent with moral deterioration. Some celebrities and performing artists involve themselves in sexually and linguistically explicit behavior, often in the presence of large audiences, desensitizing our population to inappropriate performances, contributing to the development of moral relativity. Many people find art intriguing for the deluge of self-expression and there seems to be little criticism or condemnation for risqué or grotesque content. Marina Abromavic, a controversial artist, most notably for “spirit cooking,” has developed very close relationships with the social and political elite class.  For those of you unfamiliar with spirit cooking, it is an art form using pig or human blood, breast milk and fresh semen as a medium connecting spirits to the material world. She has socially imbedded herself in the celebrity class of performing artists that influence their audiences. Some of our most beloved artists seem to have some level of association with Ms. Abromavic and are aware of her nefarious work (please see video).



In a disgustingly covert and gradual fashion, our programming has been infiltrated by many with questionable morality. This needs to be reversed, but will not occur if it is not widely known. It has destroyed many of our sacred institutions, but most significantly, the sanctity of marriage and family. The divorce rate in the US is 44%:


This percentage has been unchanged for the last 20 years.  The only statistic that has changed is that less people are getting married, demonstrating that we don’t value marriage as  sacrosanct or necessary.  A covenant, made in the presence of God, is important and should be advertised much more vehemently; our society would benefit as a whole.  Until we acknowledge the presence of and intervention from a higher power, my prediction is that we will continue our gradual downward spiral. I think we are overdue for a Great Awakening!

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I am an orthopedic trauma surgeon that has become disillusioned by our traditional medical system as I do not believe it works well for the people it is designed to help. We have lost our vision and the cost of care for the product is unacceptable. This site has been designed to help elucidate problems in medicine and help direct a change for our patients!

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Exsanguination, Moral Relativity and the Argument for Cognitive Reprogramming

  1. Excellent and stimulating, as usual. A bit depressing, but I have faith that we can right the sinking ship. Keep up your amazing work!


  2. Hello Dr Blake. I learned of your blog from your mom on FB. I am also a Christian and a health care provider (CRNA) facing this shot mandate. I am trying to be confident in the Lord. I feel pressed (but not crushed) by the weight of this. I will follow your blog for encouragement. You are not alone.


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